Discover the acroyoga communities of the world

Acroyogis love to travel, there is no doubt about that!

One of the most beautiful elements of acroyoga is the consistency of terminology, poses, spotting, safety, and people just wanting to have fun. Thanks to Jason "Acroyoga Godfather" Nemer, for standardizing the practice so that we all can play with anyone whether in Siberia, Morocco, or Patagonia.

People choose vacation destinations based on acroyoga communities. But sometimes they're hard to find and get connected with. With FaceBook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal - every community uses something different to communicate.

Imagine this....

Acroyogi 1 says, "Base!"

Acroyogi 2 says, "Fly!"

Acroyogi 3 says, "Spot!"

Acroyogi 4 says, "Pop!"

Acroyogi 5 says, "Trust!"

Acroyogi 6 says, "Play!"

By their powers combined, they summon... ACRONIA! With the help of ACRONIA, the intention is to create a comprehensive resource of acroyoga communities around the world so that when you do travel, you know where to go and how to connect with them.

This project is less than a month old but will grow with time as more and more communities are added. Join the group and introduce yourself while on your adventure and play with the communities around the world.

I hope this resource helps make it easier to speed up the process and help you find your companion base or flyer to partner up with along your journey.

With ACRONIA bridging the gaps between various platforms, connecting with acroyoga enthusiasts has never been easier.