About Beyond The Mat

Welcome to Beyond The Mat, where your acroyoga journey transcends the ordinary.

Our story began on the picturesque island of Bali, a place renowned for its vibrant community of yogis, acrobats, and spiritual seekers. It was here, amidst the lush landscapes and serene beaches, that we noticed something intriguing – a multitude of incredible acroyoga products scattered across the globe, yet no singular destination to shop for them all them all. Inspired by this realization, Beyond The Mat was born – the world's first and only online store dedicated entirely to the art and practice of acroyoga.

It all started when a small group of acroyogis wanted to bring the acroyogis of Bali together to play and jam. The AcroSpirit acroyoga community was born. It began as a gathering point for enthusiasts to share, learn, and grow together; hosting classes, workshops, retreats, and even the AcroSpirit Acroyoga Festival. This quickly blossomed into a movement, turning AcroSpirit into a cornerstone of the acroyoga community in Bali and around the world, fostering connections, and celebrating the spirit of play.

Our flagship product, The AcroBack, set the stage for what was to become an ever-expanding universe of acroyoga essentials. Crafted with care, The AcroBack epitomizes our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. From there, we've grown not just in our product offerings but in our mission to unite acroyogis worldwide. Beyond just a store, Beyond The Mat has evolved into a vibrant community hub. Our acroyoga blog serves as a gathering place for those passionate about acroyoga, featuring insightful practice tips, inspiring interviews with practitioners, and personal stories that resonate with the highs and lows of this transformative practice.

At Beyond The Mat, we believe in the power of connection – not just in the physical sense, but in the shared experiences and stories that bind us all. Our journey is one of discovery, innovation, and community, all inspired by the magical island where it all began, Bali.

Join us as we continue to explore the depths of acroyoga, bringing together the best products, ideas, and people from around the world. Here, you're not just shopping; you're becoming part of a global family, united by a love for flying beyond the limits of the mat becauase your acroyoga dreams take flight Beyond the Mat.