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A Shared Flight: Acroyoga, Love, and Entrepreneurship

My journey into the world of acroyoga began on the beautiful island of Bali, where I met the captivating Ksenia. Our shared passion for this unique blend of acrobatics and yoga quickly blossomed into something more, a partnership that would extend beyond the mat and into our lives.

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As a base, I found not just physical stability but emotional grounding in Ksenia, my flyer, whose trust elevated our practice and relationship to new heights. Together, we embarked on a journey that would shape our lives in unimaginable ways.


Acroyoga, with its inherent need for trust, communication, and connection, became the foundation of our relationship. It's more than just acrobatics; it's about finding harmony and balance with another person. This practice taught us to lean on each other, literally and metaphorically, as we explored the limits of our bodies and our bond.

As our skills grew, so did our desire to share this transformative practice with others. We became acroyoga teachers, and soon, the idea to start hosting retreats and eventually a business in Bali took root. We wanted to create a space where others could experience the joy and growth we found through acroyoga. I remember us both feeling strongly about our mission.
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Launching our acroyoga business, AcroSpirit, and the AcroSpirit Acroyoga Festival in Bali was both exhilarating and daunting. Running a business with your partner means you're together 24/7, navigating not just relationship dynamics but also the challenges of entrepreneurship. It demanded a delicate balance between our personal and professional lives, one that wasn't always easy to maintain.
Despite the challenges, the rewards were immense. Our retreats and festival brought people from all over the world to Bali, fostering a vibrant community united by a love for acroyoga. "Seeing our students grow and connect, witnessing the community come together, it's been one of the most fulfilling experiences," I recall with pride.
Photoshoots and public events further allowed us to showcase the beauty of acroyoga, contributing significantly to the development of the Bali acroyoga community. Each photo, each event, was a testament to our journey and the practice that brought us together.
Yet, as in any partnership, growth often leads to change. Our journey as a couple eventually reached its natural conclusion, leading us down separate paths. However, the impact of our time together, the business we built, and the community we nurtured remains.
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Reflecting on our journey, it's clear that acroyoga was more than just a shared interest—it was a mirror to our relationship, highlighting strengths, exposing vulnerabilities, and teaching us invaluable lessons about trust, support, and letting go. "Though we're no longer together, the experiences we shared and the community we helped build continue to inspire me," Ksenia shared in one of our last conversations.
acroyoga pose couple
In the end, our story is one of transformation, not just personally but collectively, as we contributed to the flourishing acroyoga scene in Bali. It's a chapter of my life I look back on with gratitude and love, for the growth it fostered in me, in Ksenia, and in every soul we touched through our practice.
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