BaseTech™ Plus Foam Core

Discover unparalleled support and comfort with the revolutionary AcroBack BaseTech™ Plus Foam Core, meticulously engineered by acroyoga bases for acroyoga bases.

At the heart of The AcroBack lies a dual-layer foam core, perfectly balancing the needs of performance and support. This innovative foam core is composed of two complementary layers: a thick, high-density bottom layer that provides unwavering support in a compact form, ensuring your acroyoga practice is grounded in stability, and a slender, soft-top layer that cradles your back with comfort, offering cushioning that lasts through every pose and transition.

Encased in a separate inner cover, maintaining the BaseTech™ Plus Foam Core is a breeze, ensuring your AcroBack stays fresh and clean, session after session.

The AcroBack BaseTech™ Plus Foam Core isn't just a feature; it's a testament to our commitment to enhancing your acroyoga practice through innovation, comfort, and convenience.

Every detail matters.