Beyond the Mat is the definitive, premium marketplace for diverse and alternative yoga practices, dedicated to connecting AcroYogis worldwide with the finest (and often elusive) products created with passion.

Our journey began with a deep-rooted love for AcroYoga, sparking the creation of our flagship product, The AcroBack, and an expanding line of community-driven gear. With a robust international distribution network across North America, Europe, and Asia, we strive to make these innovative products more accessible and affordable, while fostering a global community of practice and connection.

Our mission extends beyond individual products; we aim to be a unifying platform that brings together the best of AcroYoga gears to the beyond.

As we grow, our catalog will broaden, enriching our collective journey towards health, unity, and holistic well-being. In the end, Beyond the Mat is more than a store; we are a movement, bringing people together in the pursuit of shared passion and transformative experiences.



Our featured AcroYoga products are carefully selected to enhance your practice. From innovative AcroYoga mats to essential gear, each item promises quality and performance for AcroYoga enthusiasts. Explore our products now and elevate your AcroYoga experience with our top picks, designed to meet the needs of the AcroYoga community.