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The AcroBack

The AcroBack Go Foldable Travel Pillow

The AcroBack Go Foldable Travel Pillow

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Elevate your acroyoga practice to new heights with The AcroBack Go, the latest innovation designed for the acroyogi on the move. Building on the acclaimed foundation of the original The AcroBack Go edition introduces an ingenious foldable design with a magnetic closure, making it your perfect travel companion. Whether you're heading to a local park or jet-setting to an international acroyoga retreat, The AcroBack Go ensures you never have to compromise on your practice.

Featuring a robust double-stitched fold line, The AcroBack Go promises extra strength and durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of travel and intense sessions. This meticulous attention to construction guarantees that your AcroBack Go maintains its shape and support, no matter where your yoga journey takes you.

Understanding the importance of convenience and mobility, The AcroBack Go is equipped with a sleek magnetic closure system. This thoughtful addition keeps the AcroBack Go securely folded during transit, allowing for effortless portability and storage. Unfolded, it becomes the stable and supportive base you've come to trust, ready to assist you in achieving and holding those challenging poses.

Designed with a streamlined and sleek aesthetic, The AcroBack Go doesn't just perform excellently; it looks good doing it. Its elegant design complements any practice setting, from the bustling energy of a studio to the tranquil beauty of the outdoors.

The AcroBack Go is more than just a tool; it's a statement of commitment to your acroyoga journey, offering unparalleled support, durability, and style. Make The AcroBack Go a staple in your acroyoga gear collection and experience the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere.

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