The real treasure is in the moments we play together

Our journey is filled with connections from friends around the world. Here are just a few of the special friendships that we have made along the way.

acrospirit acroyoga community logo

In Unity We Rise


AcroSpirit is a community that is committed to supporting, growing and helping one another to achieve our dreams!

Our motto is “in unity we rise” and this message is at the heart of everything we do!

We’re here to help you discover, learn and grow your own Acroyoga practice, and through this build deep friendships, supportive communities and bring more fun into your life.

acroyogal international logo

AcroYoga International exists for all people to connect through movement and play

AcroYoga International

AcroYoga International a company that supports the global movement of playful human connection.

We truly enjoy what we do. Life balance and friendship is at the core of how we steer the ship of AcroYoga International.

It fills our cups to know if we do a "good job" at "work" we are helping millions of people get more out of their lives and relationships.

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Play to your potential


Our purpose is to create materials, for enthusiasts, practitioners and teachers; to use for training, classes, workshop and or at meet up and play session. Our aim is to inspire creativity and encourage collaborative play.

partner acrobatics acroyoga trainings

Professional trainings to take you to the next level

Partner Acrobatics offers multiple types of courses in Spain, Thailand, and Mexico with a diverse teaching team. The laid back attitude, combined with smart, hard training allows this group of passionate acrobats to share their skills and knowledge with others internationally. Our motto is “Safety. Teamwork. Fun.”

The Partner Acrobatics programs cover many different acrobatic disciplines, including: standing acrobatics, handstand training, washing machines, trio tricks, icarian games and much more.

slow food and yoga festival gili air bali indonesia

Local culture • Yoga • Slow Food

Slow Food & Yoga Festival

A magical celebration of nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey that combines the pleasures of delectable, locally sourced cuisine with the transformative practice of yoga. This unique event offers a blend of mindful movement, soulful connections, and delicious flavors, all while embracing the principles of sustainability and community.

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Acro Dynamic lover & practitioner

Acro Pri Acroyoga

Pri started his acroyoga and partner acrobatic journey in 2012 and since the beginning he focused on fluidity and on the investigation of new and dynamic movements. Pri loves all kinds of whipping movements with their momentum that creates fluidity as well as the feeling of freedom and the height Pops and Icarian Games offers them.

Pri is one of the first Acro Love certified teachers in Europe. Particularly concerned about inclusion, in his teaching journey he aims to see each one of their students flourish, providing skills and progressions to suit everyone’s needs. Thank to his nomad life and after living in different countries, he speaks several languages and his workshops can be taught in English, Spanish, Italian and Catalan. He has organized intensive and advanced acroyoga and acrobatic workshops, as well as taken part in retreats, festivals, and meetings. He is also the co-founder and teachers of the DAP - Dynamic Acro Program, the Icarian Convention and the Spanish Acro Convention. He has been teaching in many Festivals and Conventions all around the world.

echo conscious commnuity and events in bali

No-booze, just love and dance 💜

Echo Conscious Community Events

🎟️ TAURUS ALERT: Enjoy a special rate of just 250k! No more ID forms—honor system in place. 🌟

🎉 Echo Event: CELESTIA! May 12th, Ubud—450+ attendees. No alcohol, full of vibrant activities & performances. 🧘‍♂️🔥

👨‍👩‍👧 Family-friendly, under 16s free. Enjoy a safe, dynamic environment with us. Location: Akasha Ubud. 🌿

💡 Pro-tip: Arrive early, join our ride-sharing Telegram group. Use discount code: READIT for a surprise! 🚀✨

bali yoga shop yoga store ubud

A one-stop shop for all things yoga

Bali Yoga Shop

Welcome to Bali Yoga Shop! A one-stop shop for all things yoga, but not limited to. Bali yoga shop was founded with the intention of providing practical designs for head-to-toe basics for yoga and daily wear. All of our products are locally made, with the good intention to express and support the spirit of Bali.

We are redefining our responsibility by empowering local producers through localised manufacturing, fair wage, human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

alva motorcycle cervoi electric motorbike

Ride the Future CHANGE THE GAME

Alva Electric Motorcycle

Our world is in constant motion.
Even when we`re still, we`re moving
Moving past our previous self


Because change should, in fact, be our comfort zone
It`s where, to survive, we need to thrive
Somewhere between the now… and the future.
Where legacy holds no influence.
And fear has no breathing room.
Because the rules were never set in stone.
The game was always made to be changed.
The only question is,

Are you the one to do it?

the yoga barn bali yoga community

A Global Yoga Epicenter

The Yoga Barn

Located in the heart of bustling downtown Ubud, The Yoga Barn is a welcoming tropical oasis that has been an anchor for the global yoga community since 2007, when it humbly opened its gates, with only one simple studio on the edge of a raging river.

The Yoga Barn’s expansion over the years into a ‘global yoga epicenter’ has been in direct response to the demands of the student and is fueled by the passion and positive intentions of all the faculty and staff who participate in keeping the magic alive, daily.

The Yoga Barn is known as one of the top wellness & yoga centers in the world, as an oasis for learning, self-discovery, wellness, healing, rejuvenation and inner transformation.

bali spirit group yoga copmmunity ubud bali

Bali's #1 website for yoga, wellness and holistic Bali

Bali Spirit Group

To help you connect to the yoga community in Bali and Indonesia.


ulu yoga community logo

The source of positive energy, health, wellness and useful yogi insight

Ulu Yoga

ULU stands for Universal Love and Understanding. Our passion is to spread health and wellness around the world. Since 2014, ULU Yoga has led hundreds Yoga Teacher Trainings in both Thailand and Bali, as well as Online. ULU Yoga strives to be creative and unique while still honouring the sacred wisdom of traditional yoga as a means to peace and happiness. We offer a dynamic variety of styles and unique workshops which encompass hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, ashtanga yoga, aerial yoga, acro yoga, SUP yoga, injury treatment, prenatal yoga, choreography as well as traditional yoga sutra philosophy, yoga anatomy, methodology and analytics. You will learn set routines with books and videos, practice teaching everyday, design original classes and learn from some of the most amazing instructors in the world on how to become a yoga instructor!

samadi canggu bali yoga community logo

Samadi Bali is a conscious community with focus on growth and development through healing, wellness, self-discovery..

Samadi Bali Wellness & Yoga Retreat Community

Discover a sanctuary for your yoga journey on the captivating island of the Gods. Samadi Bali is your haven to deepen your practice and embrace a path of growth and flourishing. We offer a diverse range of yoga styles to support your unique journey and nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Samadi Bali warmly welcomes everyone, from beginners to experienced practitioners. No matter where you are on your yoga journey, our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

Embark on the ultimate yoga experience with Samadi Bali. Unlock the transformative power of yoga and wellness, and elevate your practice to new heights. Embrace your personal path to Samadi, where every moment is an opportunity to connect with what's alive within you. Step into a world of growth, serenity, and self-discovery. Join us and experience the number one yoga studio for unparalleled wellness and yoga schedules at Samadi Bali.

blissology yoga logo

Yoga. Community. Nature.

Blissology Yoga

Blissology was founded by yogi, surfer and blissologist Eoin Finn in 1999. It is a yoga system exploring strategies for bringing more joy, awe, love and bliss into our lives. Blissology is about mining for the source of love inside of all of us that is especially evident when we are quiet and present in Nature. A Blissology Yoga class strikes the perfect balance between our ego drive and the infinitely kind and wise side of ourselves so that we treat our bodies, our communities and nature more sustainably and with more reverence.

Blissology is about making the world a better place by bringing more awe, joy and bliss into the world. Celebrating the interconnection of our minds, bodies, and hearts everywhere and asking what do we have to offer to Nature and Community and what does Nature and Community have to offer us.

jacob brown acroyoga teacher

Acrobatics teacher, workshops, festivals, private lessons, etc.

Jacob Brown

Jacob here... When I first made this website I spent 40 hours a week watching web design tutorial videos. After that I spent countless hours scouring the web for relevant content. Most of the work is done now that a style has been paired down but there is still a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. Ever week I watch for new content which could be added to the site. As far as I know I have the most up-to-date list of washing machines. I do my best to keep every other section up-to-date as well. Here I humbly ask that you consider donating to help support this project. Currently everything you see is kept up on my own dime. Donations help me get closer to my dream of living on work I put into acro.

acroyoga on the road clothing and acroyoga workshops

The never-ending search for connection, balance & fluidity

Acroyoga on the Road

Acroyoga on the Road are an Italo-Welsh duo whose passion for moving keeps them up in the air & on the road!

We live and travel in a camper van, teaching & practising acro in beautiful locations, connecting with local communities, performing at cultural events, festivals, resorts, schools, teaching classes & workshops to adults & children.

Kt tape kinesiology logo


KT Tape

If you can’t move without pain, you can’t do the things you love. That’s why we exist: to help relieve the minor aches and pains of living an active life. Whether you’re running on a treadmill at home or training for the next Olympic games, we’re here to help you reach your potential.


mel ruben the growth shift compnay

Welcome To The Growth Shift!

Mel M Rubin

After creating her true health, true freedom & sovereignty from the inside-out, it’s now Mel M Rubin’s mission to support as many others do the same via The Growth Shift Community, and any experiences or spaces she curates.